Motorized panhead

A new product forVR photography.

The AutoPan motorized panhead is an extremely useful tool if you are trying to work with VR photography professionally.

AutoPan enables you to set up and photograph aVR sphere in no time. An internal battery powers the unit and a simple user interface turns the actual handling into pure fun.

Just mount AutoPan with a camera on a standard tripod, turn the unit ON and select how many pictures you want to take in a 360° panorama.

AutoPan can be programmed from 1 to 99 stops in 360° directly, and up to 2400 stops through the standard RS232 serial port. Precision is ultra high - less than 0.15°.

Read more in the spec. sheet.

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Swedish please. 

You have found the home page of MultiTeknik. We are a specialised IT and VR/multimedia company situated on the waterfront of Norr Maelarstrand in Stockholm, Sweden. Feel free to browse our site to know more about us and our many different projects.

We have worked with QuickTimeVR several years and are convinced about it's powerful potential as a multimedia toll as well as being a lot of fun. Our projects range from CDROM presentations involving VR spheres to web sites with extensive database links.

We enjoy working with VR technology and have developed some tools for this such as the QuickTime VR unit called AutoPan that you can check out on this page.

This 360° panorama is the result of 18 photos taken with the AutoPan.

Check our VR page for more info.


We specialise in CDROM and Internet productions, especially with customised database links:

We have produced Telias BilGuiden CDr '96-97' together with AjourData in Hallekis. ViewConf CDr and ProConf search engine for conference services on internet '95-97' for StoCom AB. Web sites have been set up for LFTP (Landstingets Fund for Technical Development) and other organisations. We also have our own web-server in operation since '95 together with SSR Stagelight in Stockholm. In it you will find entertainment technology sites such as Backstage World and StoCom.



Vi finns på Fotomässan i Göteborg 16 - 19 oktober '97.
Vi deltar på det digitala torget i samarbete med
Kameradoktorn och YFO, välkommen att träffa
oss och se mer om AutoPan och VR -foto.